'The longer I translated, the less sense I had of what was going to happen next and each day's work was like watching a new petal unfold on a closed bud.'
– Karin Schimke

Karin Schimke talks to Naomi Meyer about the translation of Ingrid Jonker's love letters to André Brink.
Source: LitNet

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'This is an exchange between two young people of flesh and blood, budding writers, brimming with creativity, humour, doubt, daring, wisdom, desire and longing - for each other, and for inspiration.'
– Karina Magdalena Szczurek

The heart has spaces - A moving essay by Karina Magdalena Szczurek on the love letters of André Brink and Ingrid Jonker.
Source: LitNet

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'The publication of Flame in the Snow is a sensational literary event that reveals not only the lives but the literary processes of two of SA's best known writers.
'– Karin Schimke

Between the Lines - After 50 years, the truth about SA's most famous literary romance is revealed.
Source: Sunday Times Lifestyle Magazine

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'My mother Ingrid's love letters written in the two years before she died have been beautifully preserved in this collection. Her love for people and for me shines through these true life experiences set against the backdrop of fate.' - Simone Venter

Kwêla – Therese Benade had the privilege to interview André Brink's widow, Karina Magdalena Szczurek and Ingrid Jonker's daughter, Simone Venter about the publication of Flame in the Snow: The Love Letters of André Brink & Ingrid Jonker.